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"Learn. Do. Teach. Repeat."

Hi! Welcome to “About Me” Page.

That makes me understand that you are interested in knowing me.

My name is Husain Bohra. I am an upcoming Digital Marketer from the beautiful city of Udaipur situated in the state of Rajasthan.

I am a graduate in Computer Science field of Engineering, and right now, pursuing my career as a full-time Digital Marketer.

I am an Online Business Consultant, a Digital Coach and a Blogger. I blog about Digital Marketing and its latest trends on husainbohra.com.

I love to learn, and this habit of mine made me start this blog. Do check it out.

“There is no point in learning and implementing if it doesn’t help others.” 

I believed in the above quote, and came up with the idea of writing reviews of products, services, training, courses or whatever I have gone through while learning and help others to know what’s best for them.

People tend to buy things and then don’t find the product valuable. 

So I, and many others like me, came up with this idea of reviewing things for people like you and make you understand what is good for you.

I always suggest others to check reviews of any course, training, digital product, etc., before buying so that our hard-earned money is not wasted on things which are not worthy.

Here, at BizWithDM, I will review and try to provide you the very best opinion of mine, about the thing I am reviewing, that will surely help you in taking the decision of buying the product.

I will share my experience of products, courses, trainings, and any other programs which I was and I will be a part of. 

Well, we both can get connected on social media platforms. You can directly ask me about anything there in the comments or by messaging me. You can always welcome there to share your queries. Below are my social media handles.